👋 Hey, it’s Benjamin


I’ve always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, navigating the intricate realms of business, professional services, and government sectors. But life has a way of introducing unexpected turns: I took a brief detour and found myself at the forefront of the food delivery revolution, playing a pivotal role in the launch of ‘Uber Eats’. But by November 2019, the call of entrepreneurship beckoned once more. Today, not only do I manage a flourishing holding company, but I also wear the hat of the Chief Operating Officer at Shepherd.

While my journey has been rich with experiences and pivotal moments, I believe the most exciting chapters are the ones still unwritten — and they could include you. Whether you’re seeking guidance on your next big venture, pondering over strategic advice, or looking for a potential investment partner, I invite you to reach out. My door (a contact form) is always open to kindred spirits eager to make their mark.